The Value of Outsourcing Business Content to Writing Experts

You may be saying: “I’ve been speaking English my whole life; I can write content for my business.” Or, maybe you’re thinking, “No one knows my business like I do; I should write about it.” And in both cases, you’re right…and wrong. The illusion of fluency Just because you’ve been talking since you were a […]

Common content errors your business might be making

Whether content marketing is a new concept for you, or you’ve been handling content since you started your business, it’s possible you’re still making mistakes that could be costing you credibility. Here are a few common errors we’ve seen companies make time and again with their content: **Remember, content marketing is the creation of any […]

Boosting your brand identity—why words matter

Whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words probably wasn’t very good with words. At ProWrite, words mean the world to us. Although photos and images are essential components of technical documentation, a picture is worth nothing if no one understands what it’s trying to say. Captions, callouts, and accompanying text can turn a […]